Life & Work

Madrid, 1994

Misterpiro, visual/urban artist. Graduated from University Complutense de Madrid in Design. Presently living in Madrid, although his work often takes him out of the country.

He started in the streets with graffiti, later he followed on with watercolours, acrylic and water-based techniques in his studio. He worked until he has succeeded in uniting the two such contrary techniques in a unique style, full of life and colour, that goes from the most hot red to the most electric turquoise. Taking the delicate style of the watercolour to the street, to the new support of the external wall that has so little to do with the paper upon which he makes his most delicate works.

His technique is based upon improvisation, where the aggressive quality of spray and the delicacy of watercolour mix in every type of support. Works where the fluidity of water and the volatility of the atmosphere fill with expression and light a world which makes us travel from the figurative to complete abstraction.

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